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Termite Control

Termites often go unseen and are never thought about until it is too late. Once damage is found then it becomes a priority. Statistics from NC State University show that in North Carolina there are an average of 2.8 termite colonies within 20 feet of every home. This statistic is supported in that more homes are damaged every year by termites than by house fires. For many, the thought of termite prevention is not on the top of the list. We have tons of photos where hidden termite damage is discovered. At that point, damages can be very costly.


We can eliminate termites and prevent you from getting them. We are an authorized applicator for Termidor which we believe to be absolutely the best termite defense available today. We also are a dealer of Altriset Termiticide, and Bora care wood treatment systems.

Homeowners rarely realize termites are causing damage to their house until the cellulose-hungry insects have permanently damaged the structure. This damage may be a surprise because termites are cryptobiotic, meaning their activities are hidden from view. Termites’ cryptobiotic behavior contributes to their success in invading human structures.

Termites can consume the inside of a 2" x 4" piece of framing wood, but still keep the outside of the wood surface intact. Most homeowners have no idea that termites have infested their house unless they break through the surface of an infested piece of wood or they see other signs of termite damage, such as a swarm.

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Termites in a home.

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