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Quoted from Lake Norman Magazine: In addition to running a successful pest management company, Ronnie and Rhonda Caldwell are actively involved in nurturing the businesses in and around Denver. “Rhonda has worked with DABA to create an environment for networking that has helped other businesses to network with each other, to work with each other and keep business in the community,” said Ronnie Caldwell. He and Rhonda are active with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and are part of the Lake Norman Chamber as well. Ronnie believes that the way out of the financial downturn is to help when you can, host and participate in programs that benefit the community, support local companies and buy American. “I’m a type A personality,” he said. “What drives me is a passion for excellence. I don’t like hearing ‘no.’ I enjoy leading. I have the best staff. I enjoy seeing something grow,” he said. Ronnie is most proud of the growth of DABA, an organization that mobilized the businesses along the Rt. 16 corridor to begin talking to each other on a regular basis. Through Rhonda Caldwell’s role in planning DABA events, the group meets on a regular basis and has become tightly networked, creating relationships that have led to doing business with each other. Their goal has been to keep revenue in the community whenever possible. Four years ago, DABA had 70 members. Now the group has 170. Hosting/organizing three DABA events each month takes the lion’s share of the Caldwells’ community involvement, but they are also active volunteers with Sherrills Ford Elementary School and attend Denver United Methodist Church.

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