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Spiders are no strangers to cities. Even people who live in the most populated areas in Charlotte, NC have run-ins with these eight-legged pests in their homes and apartments. It's not always a spider that causes someone's skin to crawl; it's also seeing or running into a spider web. If spiders have come into your home, Innovative Pest Management can help.

The Dangers of Spiders in Your Home

Not all spiders bite and inject venom into their victims. However, it's important to identify the species correctly before attempting to handle an infestation yourself. Brown recluses and black widows should always be left to the professionals. If you have allergies to insect and spider bites, you'll want to contact a spider control professional who can remove the pests before they cause any harm to you.

3 Reasons to Get Rid of Spider Webs

They attract new spiders.

An empty spider web will attract new spiders to the area. Spiders can easily repair the web if it's damaged or use it as-is to start catching their prey. No matter where you see the web, remove it with a broom or another tool to prevent new spiders from moving into the room.

They ruin the aesthetic.

Unless you live in a haunted house, you don't want to decorate your interior with a spider web in every corner. Webs don't do anything to liven an interior space and will only ruin the visual style that you're trying to achieve.

They can cause allergies.

Webs trap airborne particles that could cause allergic reactions such as sneezing and coughing. The more webs you have in the room, the more allergens they will collect. Clearing out the webs will help to prevent allergic reactions and also make the air cleaner in your home.

Professional Spider Control in Charlotte

Spiders belong outdoors, not in your home. If you're dealing with a spider infestation and constant spider webs, contact Innovative Pest Management in Charlotte, NC for your free estimate. Our trained technicians will inspect your home, identify the species, and eliminate the pests using the appropriate treatments. We'll also provide preventative treatments and tips to keep out spiders and their webs in the future.

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