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Residents in Concord, NC have dealt with wood-destroying insects for decades. Whether it's old house borers or termites, these insects have caused massive damage to structures and cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. If you have wood-damaging insects attacking your home, Innovative Pest Management has some useful information and tips to help you take control of the situation.

Differences Between Termites and Old House Borers

Old house borers are destructive insects and attack pine and other coniferous timbers. They bore tunnels into the wood, consuming it as they go farther into the structure. It takes several years for the larvae to grow into adults. Mature old house borers grow to about an inch in length, are black in appearance, and have two wings.

The termite is the most destructive borer, as it bands together in colonies with several thousand members. They consume the wood as they burrow, causing the structure to weaken over time. They have large heads, two antennae, and six legs. Winged swarms eventually emerge from the nest and mate, which causes members to spread and create more colonies around the building.

3 Signs of Termite Infestations

You find discarded wings.

Termite swarms take to the air and mate in the spring. Once they're done mating, they drop to the ground and discard their wings as they look for new areas to start a colony. If you see wings along the foundation or on the windowsills, it could be a sign of an infestation.

You see mud tubes.

Subterranean termite species attack homes from below the soil and build mud tubes on the walls leading up to the wood. Spotting mud tubes around your home is a definite sign of a termite colony.

You notice structural damage.

Sawdust on the ground, noises inside wooden studs, and buckling floors could be signs of a termite infestation. When you notice these signs, it's important to talk with a termite control professional immediately to prevent any further damage.

Professional Termite Control in Concord, NC

Termites and old house borers are perpetual threats to homes in Concord. If you have an infestation on your property, contact Innovative Pest Management to receive a free estimate. Our certified technicians will correctly identify the species, eliminate the pests, and prevent future colonies from forming around your home.

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