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Residents in Mooresville, NC are no strangers to fire ants. These pests thrive in the South and threaten people and pets with painful bites. They build large dirt mounds, ruining both commercial and residential landscapes wherever they go. If these nuisance pests have invaded your property, Innovative Pest Management, Inc. has an effective ant control solution.

What Are Fire Ants?

A fire ant is unlike other ants in your yard. Whereas a normal ant bites your skin and sprays acid on the wound, a fire ant bites you and uses a stinger in its abdomen to inject venom into your skin. This pest lives in large colonies with thousands of other members, creating unsightly dirt mounds in your yard.

Where Can You Find Fire Ants?

Fire ant colonies are found throughout the Southeast. These ants prefer hot, humid climates and nest in soils of all types, so it’s not uncommon to spot them in Mooresville, NC. They feed on everything from plants and birds to small reptiles and mammals. Although they're territorial, fire ant colonies will tolerate one another and share food and other resources.

How to Spot a Fire Ant Nest

The fire ant is a social insect and lives in mounds. The mounds may start and stay small but can grow a few feet in height. You can find these mounds in open areas with plenty of sun, such as a park or a playground. Not all colonies build mounds right away, especially in the winter season or if the soil contains excess moisture. The ants will burrow deeper into the ground and might not push up the soil to create mounds until a few months later.

Professional Fire Ant Control in North Carolina

Don't let fire ant colonies wreak havoc on your property. Innovative Pest Management, Inc. provides successful ant control treatments for residences and businesses in Mooresville, NC. Treating a fire ant infestation on your own can make the ants spread to other parts of your property, causing even more damage in the future. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property, treat the ants at the source, and keep them out of your yard for good.

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