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camel cricket

Camel crickets may not seem like a huge threat. They don't make noise like the crickets most of us are familiar with, and they don't endanger our health. However, this Asian cricket is incredibly invasive. In fact, it's on track to eventually outnumber people in the United States. Innovative Pest Management, Inc. explains why pest control is a must if you find these insects on your property in or around Concord, NC. 

A Highly Invasive Cricket Species 

Imagine heading down to your basement to do laundry, only to find dozens of camel crickets. That's the reality for some, and if scientists' predictions are correct, it could be for many more of us as well. The Asian cricket’s appearance in American homes also coincides with a drop in the populations of native crickets. With Concord, NC’s humid conditions and bounty of homes for them to infest, it’s no wonder they’ve become such a big issue in this city.

The Quietly Creepy Asian Cricket 

Although it's much quieter than its American counterpart, the Asian cricket is also creepier. Its body is slimmer, with an arched back and long back legs. Its only defense is the ability to leap – an unpleasant sight if you're unaccustomed to it – and this makes them difficult to catch. This cricket, also known as a cave cricket, is known to wreak havoc in the home. Casualties can include ruined clothes, damaged fabrics, and ravaged houseplants. 

Get Your Home Back 

If you come across these insects on your property, professional pest control is a must. In addition to the uncertainty of how they affect the ecosystems of Concord, NC and other areas, the leaping bugs can make you feel less at home in your own home. No one knows to what extent they'll take over our own homes and businesses. Restore comfort and prevent household damage with help from the experienced professionals at Innovative Pest Management, Inc. 

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. We provide commercial and residential customers in Concord, NC and other locations in the Carolinas with thorough, safe pest control. Count on our friendly, well-trained technicians to eliminate camel crickets from your property without putting your family or pets at risk.

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