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As a North Carolina resident, you know how pesky those buzzing, biting insects can be. They love our state’s hot summers and widespread humidity, the latter of which facilitates their breeding. Fortunately, when you need residential pest control, there are plenty of strategies at your disposal to help you get rid of mosquitoes. Try these five effective mosquito control tips from Innovative Pest Management, Inc. 

1. Switch Up Your Lighting 

Swap your traditional outdoor lighting for LED bulbs. These bulbs emit little heat because they don't produce ultraviolet rays. Add a bug light or bug zapper to your backyard mosquito control arsenal as well. These lights can help reduce the number of pests buzzing around your property. 

2. Banish Standing Water 

Mosquitoes breed in pools of standing water, so eliminating these breeding grounds will help you get rid of mosquitoes. If you can't remove all water sources, be sure to drain, clean, and freshen them regularly. Here are some common problem areas: 

  • Birdbaths
  • Pet bowls
  • Clogged gutters
  • Planters and flower pots

After storms or windy days, check your yard for stray bottles and other trash. Water can gather in these containers and attract nearby mosquitoes. 

3. Make Your Lawn Less Mosquito-Friendly 

Keep your grass low and your bushes and trees well-trimmed to reduce the number of mosquito resting spots on your property. Remove any moisture-producing lawn debris so mosquitoes have fewer places to breed. Plant marigolds and lemongrass, two mosquito-repelling plants, around your yard. Herbs like peppermint, basil, and rosemary are as tasty on your plate as they are repulsive to these buzzing insects. 

4. Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites 

Arm yourself in the war against mosquitoes in North Carolina by protecting yourself and your family with personal repellents. DEET- and picaridin-containing repellents are popular options, but natural alternatives are available. Repel® keeps mosquitoes away with its lemon eucalyptus oil formula, and thyme oil keeps the bloodsucking insects at bay. 

5. Employ Temporary Tactics 

Don't let mosquitoes ruin outdoor meals. Place a small bowl of dish soap and water on the table as a DIY form of temporary residential pest control. Bring the dish in immediately afterwards; some dish soaps are toxic to animals. A mosquito swatter will also help. This heavy-duty swatter is designed to pack more of a wallop than fly swatters. 

When conventional mosquito control products or natural residential pest control options fail, get rid of mosquitoes with professional help from the North Carolina mosquito control experts at Innovative Pest Management, Inc.

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