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bed bug

Bed bugs have been a big problem for years now in Charlotte, NC, but a recent surge in bed bug activity has people scrambling for a solution to the problem. These pests invade everything from homes to schools, and they can spread quickly if an infestation goes ignored. Innovative Pest Management, Inc. explains why the struggle is real when attempting to treat these nuisance pests.

The Problems with Bed Bugs

They breed like crazy.

A female bed bug lays at least one egg every day during her lifetime. She will then lay as many as 250 eggs before she dies; it takes about 17 days for the eggs to hatch. The nymphs are ready to feed on blood as soon as they emerge from the eggs. A bed bug lives for at least 10 months to a year and can survive for up to five months without a blood meal. Thus, it's easy for a population to explode as the pests multiply without interruption.

They can survive almost anywhere.

A bed bug thrives in warmer climates but can live most anywhere on the planet, except for the poles and other extremely cold areas. Because these bugs move indoors, they can live, feed, and breed without having to deal with harsh outdoor climates and snowy weather conditions. They're also capable hitchhikers and will move from location to location by hiding in luggage and other items.

They're very resistant to certain treatments.

It takes more than bug spray to kill a bed bug infestation. These pests are highly resistant to certain chemicals and can survive various foggers and sprays. Some infestations require a combination of treatments such as heat and chemical applications. Misidentification also leads to serious infestations as people mistake a bed bug for a carpet beetle or a roach nymph. If you use the wrong treatments, a bed bug infestation will only get worse.

Professional Bed Bug Control

Without professional bed bug control, these pests will continue to spread throughout homes and businesses in Charlotte, NC. Conventional over-the-counter treatments won't provide effective results and will only prolong the problem. Innovative Pest Management, Inc. has trained, experienced technicians ready to stop bed bugs in your home or business. We'll eliminate the pests and help prevent another infestation in the future.

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