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stored product pest

Some pests in North Carolina are an issue for plants and grass; others are an issue people and animals. There are also pests that attack various products in food-handling establishments like grocery stores, food warehouses and home pantries. Though these pests can infiltrate homes through cracks and crevices, they're often already inside various containers when you bring them home from the store, requiring residential pest control to get rid of them.

What Are Stored Product Pests?

A stored product pest, also known as a pantry pest, is an insect that feeds on a variety of foods such as flour, spices, chocolate, and cereal. It invades boxes, bags, and containers and consumes the food as it matures from the larval stage to adulthood. Pests of every life stage can be found in the containers and spread to others in the pantry, contaminating the food in the process.

Common Stored Product Pests in North Carolina

Pantry pests come in all shapes and sizes, from two-millimeter rice weevils to five-millimeter red flour beetles. These pests and other insects invade homes in one of two ways: by crawling through openings around pantry doors or by escaping out of packaged goods that were bought at the store. Some other common pantry pests include:

  • Cigarette beetles
  • Confused flour beetles
  • Drugstore beetles
  • Granary weevils
  • Indian meal moths
  • Saw-toothed grain beetles

How to Prevent Stored Product Pests

Taking preventative measures will help keep out unwanted pantry pests and prevent them from ruining your food. If they're not caught in time, the pests will continue to breed and increase their numbers, causing a problematic infestation within weeks. Some effective preventative measures include:

  • Checking packaged goods once you get home
  • Sealing cracks and crevices around your home
  • Transferring opened goods to sealed plastic containers
  • Inspecting bird seed and dry pet food
  • Hiring a professional to perform a thorough inspection

The Importance of Residential Pest Control

Scheduling routine inspections is the best way to prevent and eliminate pantry pest infestations in your North Carolina home. Innovative Pest Management, Inc. provides residential pest control and can identify and treat product pests in your home. We can help you identify any pest on your property, and our trained technicians will halt your infestation and set up a barrier to keep the pests out for good.

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