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termite damage

As a real estate or rental professional, you probably know that a home can have a termite problem without showing readily visible signs. Protect your Raleigh, NC property from extensive damage by these wood destroying insects before the spring buying season gets underway. That way, could stop a potentially serious complication from getting in the way of a positive buying or renting experience. Innovative Pest Solutions explains why you should invest in a home inspection this spring.

Obtain a WDIR

Home inspectors are trained to uncover a wide range of problems, some of which could cause costly damage to your investment. These issues include termite infestations, the source of many an expensive residential reconstruction project. A WDIR is the report required by many lenders to indicate whether there are signs of termites or conditions conducive to an infestation. Discovering these conditions could mean the difference between calling in termite control professionals and suffering financial repercussions if a buyer is to discover the problem after moving in.

Protect Your Finances

Many landlords find serious gaps in their insurance policies – often, after it's too late. However, a home inspection may offer a layer of protection from certain financial liabilities, a benefit you won't get if you inspect the home yourself. Inspectors whose services are covered by errors and omissions insurance, the type of policy that protects you against problems missed during inspections, are often members of the National Society of Home Inspectors (NSHI), the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI), or the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Beware Wood Destroying Insects

Yet another reason to pay a professional is the extensive knowledge required to find problems lurking behind a home's walls, beneath its floors, or within its structure. From sub-floor leaks in the plumbing system to termites eating away at your wooden beams, an expert can easily find clues to hidden issues in the building. It's better to find a potential mold source or the first sign of wood destroying insects now than after a new owner or tenant moves in. From submitting a lender-required WDIR to preventing the need for termite control, a home inspection could help you stay compliant and prevent financial problems down the road. Make future renters or owners happy while protecting your property from termites and other costly hazards in Raleigh, NC by contacting Innovative Pest Solutions.

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