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Like most of us, earwigs like warm, cozy surroundings. However, these pests also prefer a high dose of moisture in their environment. That's why the most important earwig control method is keeping moisture under control. Find out more about this common household problem from the team at Innovative Pest Control, serving North Carolina homes and businesses.

About the Earwig

Measuring about 5/8" long, the earwig has a reddish-brown body supported by light-brown legs. Although the pincers at the end of an earwig's body look intimidating, they're harmless to humans. However, earwig populations can do serious damage to agricultural and home garden crops. These insects dine on live plants, dead bugs, and rotting vegetation. They're nocturnal creatures, but some earwig varieties are attracted to lights.

Why Do I Have an Earwig Infestation?

As we mentioned, an earwig's ideal environment is warm and humid. They often hide out in damp boxes or in planters. You may unwittingly bring an earwig (or two or three...) inside when hauling in seasonal items or protecting a plant on a chilly night. A damp crawlspace, moisture around your foundation, or a dripping spigot is likely to lure nearby earwigs. And if the weather turns cold, these pests are even likelier to seek shelter wherever they can find their way in.

How Can I Prevent Earwig Infestations?

Reduce excess moisture wherever it occurs. Fix plumbing leaks, both indoors and outside. It's common for North Carolina homes to have too much moisture in crawlspaces and basements with dirt floors. Vapor barriers help prevent earwig invasions and a host of other issues. In addition to helping with earwig control, replacing worn weather strips and sealing gaps in your foundation and walls helps keep out all kinds of pests. Be sure window and door screens fit snugly inside their frames, and cover weep holes with screens.

Earwig Control from the Experts

Earwigs may not endanger your health or safety, but we can all agree these creepy crawlers don't belong inside. From dehumidifying the basement to sealing off points of entry, there are plenty of ways to defend against these invaders. If these methods don't do the trick, or if you're already experiencing an infestation, look to professional earwig control services. The team at Innovative Pest Control has what it takes to restore comfort and peace of mind inside your North Carolina home or business.

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