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rodent control

Mice and rats can turn your home or business life into a nightmare. From leaving droppings behind to creating fire hazards, these pests endanger your health, safety, and finances. Innovative Pest Management Inc. debunks three of the most popular misconceptions about rodents, explaining why professional rodent control is a must for North Carolina residents and business owners.

Three Common Myths About Rodents

1. Cheese makes the perfect mousetrap bait. Other than the convenience of placing a chunk of cheese on a mousetrap, there are few reasons to use it as rodent bait. Mice prefer sweets, meats, and foods with high water content, since they get most of their hydration from the food they eat. Try bacon, chocolate, seeds, or fruit instead of the old dairy standby to get rid of mice. Since there's rarely just a single rodent, DIY methods are often ineffective. You'll need the help of a trusted pest control team to strategically tackle infestations.

2. Having a cat means not having mice. Well-fed cats are seldom driven to rid their homes of mice. They may toy with or kill a mouse when feeling playful. But most pet cats lack the motivation to become predators when their tummies are full and their needs are met. Instead of relying on your complacent kitty, enlist the aid of a professional rodent control team to do the dirty work. And since mice and rats produce dozens of pup litters per year, acting quickly is a must.

3. Rodents don't live in neighborhoods like mine. Mice and rats don't care what zip code your neighborhood is in or whether everyone maintains their homes and lawns. They're simply looking for food, warmth, and shelter wherever they can find it. Even the cleanest homes and businesses can attract these critters if they provide easy access to the things these pests need. Keep food sealed in airtight metal or glass containers, avoid using cardboard boxes (rodents either chew them or hide in them), and seal off any cracks or gaps in walls and around entryways.

The Truth: Professional Care Is Your Best Bet

It's easy to see how rodents can wreak havoc in homes and businesses. From contaminating your food to chewing on electrical wiring, these pests cause problems wherever they go. Instead of relying on conventional wisdom to eradicate infestations on your North Carolina property, contact the experts at Innovative Pest Management, Inc. We've provided safe, effective rodent control to customers for over two decades.

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