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Could you imagine enjoying your weekend backyard BBQ without being on the menu for the mosquitos? Innovative Pest Management is here to save the day!

Did you know it usually only takes ten to fourteen days for a mosquito to go from egg to adult? When eggs are deposited where water is present they only take two days to hatch! Mosquitos undergo what is called “Complete Metamorphosis”. They transition through four (4) molts. Starting as an egg, larva, pupae and adult. Have you ever walked up to a bucket and kicked it? Those wigglers you see swimming to the bottom are mosquito larva. Once they reach the adult stage they feed and reproduce. Females require a blood meal before they can deposit eggs. Adult females live up to one to two months feeding and reproducing. Mosquitos serve as vectors of many important diseases of humans and pets. This makes control extremely important.

The most important part of a mosquito program is habitat modification. Reduce all standing water around your house. This could be found in areas like buckets, flower pot bases, gutters and low lying areas where water doesn’t drain properly. Innovative Pest Management uses a combinations of adulticides and insect growth regulators through a mister unit to treat foliage areas around your home. As Adult Mosquitos rest between flights & meals they rest on plant foliage around your home which makes the program extremely effective.

Please call us today to get your evaluation and treatment scheduled and Take Back Your Outdoor Living Space!

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