• FACT: Cold weather drives bugs inside your home

    Pest hide when it’s cold. Living in Denver NC on Lake Norman I often hear folks say, “It’s cold so I’m sure we will not have any pests right now” which what they are trying to say is just skip me this month. People think that pests actually die when it gets cold outside. Our homes produce heat in, under and around them. Pests often will seek cover during extreme low temperatures under pine needles and mulch. Many will try to penetrate the barrier and get into a crawlspace then proceed to harbor behind insulation. Stink bugs, lady bugs and others will get into the attic and hang out under the insulation where it is protected. Last year we found 13 Brown Recluse spiders feeding on the insects that overwintered in an attic. Ants often will harbor inside of wall voids over cold months. We get calls for ants over the winter months as they are often seen hanging out along interior walls that are on the sunny side. The heat from our sun helps them survive and keeps them warm. I have seen live snakes hanging out under a thick bed of pine needles next to a house in the middle of winter. It was the sunny side of the house. In our area we would need a major deep freeze that lasted several days in order to actually eliminate most pest around our homes. Our homes are full of cracks and crevices which create nice harboring spots for pests to survive. Innovative Pest Management Inc.’s award winning services treats these areas to help control insects from becoming a pest in and around your home. Just remember, if they live there during the winter, most likely they will multiply and spring time populations will be more severe. Call 704-489-BUGS today and get your home protected.

  • Why North Carolina Spiders Are Your Natural Pest Control Solution

    A house spider crawls along the carpet Despite our size advantage, spiders cause a gut-level reaction in many of us. Shrieking, grabbing the nearest shoe, or simply running the other way are all perfectly understandable responses to these primal fear-inducing creatures. But even arachnophobes may want to consider the benefits of spider populations can bring. Innovative Pest Solutions explains why – although spider control is sometimes essential – adopting a "live and let live" policy is a worthwhile option.

    Are Spiders Dangerous?

    Some of our North Carolina customers give us a call at the first sighting of an eight-legged creepy crawler. Sometimes that's a good idea. After all, certain species can be dangerous; however, most are not. Although they may bite if cornered, the following common spider varieties are considered harmless:
    • Wolf spider House spider Parson spider
    In most instances, a spider will avoid people. And it's pretty rare for an arachnid to climb into your bed for a midnight snack. Many "spider bites" are actually the handiwork of an insect.

    Household Pests: A Spider's Prey

    While most spider types found in North Carolina are harmless to humans, household pests are a spider's prey. Arachnids feed on cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other creatures you don't want in your house. The average spider eats up to 2,000 bugs yearly, many of which are disease carriers. In addition, if two arachnids meet up, a battle to the death is pretty much inevitable. That means fewer spiders as well. Is that ugly, creepy spider you just saw starting to look a little more attractive, or do you still have local spider control pros on speed dial?

    Spider Benefits

    The scary-looking yet humble spider is an important part of the ecosystem. And besides killing off unwanted insects inside your house, arachnids eat many of the garden pests that threaten to ruin your flowers and veggies. However, it's never a good idea to touch a spider, and the following arachnids' venom can cause potentially serious reactions if you do:
    • Black widow Brown recluse
    While these are the two dangerous spider varieties most often found in North Carolina, non-native arachnids sometimes make an appearance here. Whether you think you've spotted dangerous spiders or you just can't tolerate the sight of the creepy eight-legged creatures, contact Innovative Pest Solutions for safe, effective spider control today.

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