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  • Innovative Pest Management

    Why Innovative Pest Management?

    Innovative Pest Management is your BEST CHOICE

    for Bug, Rodent, and Pest Control

    Whether it is Spiders, Termites or General Household Pests, trust your home or business to us. We are a family business built on values, knowledge, safety and commitment to solve your pest problems.

    Home Spider Web Removal

    Web Removal

    When one of our technicians comes to your home or business we remove all the reachable webs on the outside of the home or building.

    By doing so we remove egg sacks from the building which are protected from the product; thus creating a clean surface to apply pesticide. It also makes the appearance of your home or business more attractive.

    treating the outside perimeter for pest control

    Treating the Outside Perimeter

    While treating the outside of your home of business for pest prevention we focus on areas such as:

    • Foundation Base
    • Eaves
    • Doorways and Windows
    • Cracks, Crevice and Entry Points
    • Structure Perimeter  (We apply a granular to provide a 5ft-10ft barrier around the structure)
    treating the interior for pest management

    Interior Treatment

    Our inside treatment includes critical zones sch as pipe chases, corners, and entry points. All this and more at no additional charge to you.

    icon pet friendly houseOur products are pet-friendly and do not leave a visible residue. While servicing your home our technicians wear booties to ensure no dirt is tracked into your home.

    innovative pest control unlimited callbacks

    Unlimited Callbacks

    Our clients enjoy the freedom and security of our unlimited callbacks. See a bug? We will come back out at no charge to address the pest problem. Our dedication is to fix your pest problems now and prevent future issues.

    Don't Hesitate. Call now to schedule your appointment.

    704-489-BUGS (2847)
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